Companies using Sage 50 and its marketshare

Companies using Sage 50 and its marketshare

Sage Intacct is not necessarily suited for a company that does not have the volume to justify such a detailed or customized reporting function. Currently, Sage Intacct is used just within our Accounting department, however, we are able to distribute essential budget and current expense reporting to other departments and employees through scheduled reporting. Before Intacct, reports had to manually be created and sent to our departments, now they can be scheduled and sent as needed saving my team and I valuable time and effort.

It’s worth noting that subscription pricing for Sage Intacct has only increased modestly since the acquisition, despite Sage’s continual infusion of resources. Overall, even with its price being subject to real-world increases, Intacct was the most user-friendly of the bunch. It slightly edged out NetSuite OneWorld for our general ledger accounting Editors’ Choice award. But the second reason is, almost none of the software I reviewed is designed to be configured and maintained by your in-house staff, even the SaaS apps.

sage intacct reviews

We are using it for Forecasting, Budgeting, and running Customized Reports. The navigation within Sage Intacct flows smoothly – moving between Company, Platform Services, General Ledger, etc. is very straight forward.

SAP Enhancement Packages for SAP ERP 6.0 (SAP EhPs)

One major problem with some accounting softwares is that the reports needed to perform analysis, checks, etc. are unavailable. Intacct’s wide report customization is a great solution to this that has resulted in an overall positive experience with the software. Learn the key benefits of moving to the cloud, the 5 signs that your accounting system is holding you back, and what to look for in a best-in-class, cloud-based financial management solution.

sage intacct reviews

As Marketing Assistant, Lucie assists the Marketing Manager in promoting the business, its services and partnerships. Her role is heavily content based, creating blog articles, newsletters and social media copy as well as creating and implementing the strategy behind them.

Several other vendors’ apps, such as SAP Business One Professional and Sage 300c, display the underlying data on a graph point when you hover the cursor over the specific area on the graph. Intacct lets you swap back and forth between the graph and data table by clicking a button in the lower corner of the graph widget. Intacct (which begins at $2,510 per year, or $210 per user per month after the first user) is a mature, slick, and well-featured enterprise-class general ledger accounting platform operating on top of an Oracle database, similar to NetSuite OneWorld. Intacct has more in common with NetSuite OneWorld than simply its back-end database. The application looks, feels, and operates very similarly to NetSuite overall, and was also designed from the get-go as a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application.

Companies around the world use Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage ERP Accpac) to manage nearly every aspect of their business. Sage 300 ERP is a comprehensive multinational business management solution built on the most flexible and expandable architecture available today.


  • With 1.8 million customers QuickBooks is the largest provider of accounting software for small business.
  • In 2000, Intacct got its first institutional investor, venture capital firm HWVP and completed a Series A round of $10 million.
  • Intacct was founded by Odysseas Tsatalos and David Thomas in 1999 as one of the first accounting applications for the cloud.
  • It’s worth noting that subscription pricing for Sage Intacct has only increased modestly since the acquisition, despite Sage’s continual infusion of resources.
  • Our top choices from Sage Intacct’s marketplace partners are Workforce Go!
  • I use this software daily to maintain and track Fixed Assets for my company.

We are using Sage Intacct for the central offices and certain agencies of the Archdiocese. It has allowed us to have a centralized platform where we can transact and report on a timely basis. It has done a great job of increasing our transparency and accountability through use of dashboards and reports available to non-accounting sage intacct training users. Any business that believes it will expand or grow in the near future should consider Intacct. Their software is very easy to use, very easy to build reports in, very easy to run specific reports, close at month-end, and it captures all the Financial data necessary to perform audits and run your business.

The inter-company functionality is amazing; in our prior system, we spent a minimum of a day balancing inter-company accounts, as we have multiple entities. The automation of our processes has resulted in significant time savings. We use the upload templates to incorporate information from our Restaurant POS, Gaming system, and payroll.

sage intacct reviews

We have added additional campuses in the last 3-4 years and all we had to do was add another location and the income/expense categories transferred with it.

Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology. Intacct is enterprise-class general ledger accounting software with a well-designed balance between utility and ease-of-use. If you prefer a cloud environment (and who doesn’t these days), Sage Intacct is the best option in my opinion.

Both QuickBooks and NetSuite offer cloud-based financial management software designed to help companies run their businesses. A complete architecture change took place with the introduction of mySAP ERP in 2004. R/3 Enterprise was replaced with the introduction of ERP Central Component (SAP ECC). The SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Strategic Enterprise Management and Internet Transaction Server were also merged into SAP ECC, allowing users to run them under one instance.

Built-in checks and balances make sure customer’s financials are accurate and that information is available anytime and anywhere accountant need access. Founded and headquartered in San Jose, the company initially grew organically, but more recently has grown primarily through acquisitions. Sage Intacct has more than 11,000 customers and nearly 500 employees across the world. Mike is a chartered accountant and became a director of Softline Holdings (now wholly owned by Sage) in 1999, after his IT services company Lorge Consulting was acquired by Softline. This company was a Sage Accpac Business Partner and grew to be the largest and most profitable in the world, winning numerous partner awards.

The importing functions of the software are great and they reduce the time needed and increase efficiency within my team. NetSuite provides E Commerce, CRM, ERP, Inventory Management, Billing, Revenue Management and HR in one centralized cloud platform, making your business freer and faster, increasing efficiency and sales at the pace you need.

Again, this has streamlined processes and increased employee morale, as the software is intuitive and easy to use. NetSuite offers an industry tailored financial management system that provides customers the ability to fully manage their business within the suite.

Although the reporting for multiple entities is time intensive to set up, it can do nearly anything people need or want. If you have logistics that make getting written approvals for invoices, this system automates that process so that people can approve wherever they are electronically as long as they have internet access. Scanning information into the system is literally as easy as drag and drop which means you don’t have to go looking for invoices, journal entries, etc.

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